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Break urself foo. dis kyles page.
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Mi Bois
shane im gald we talkin agian.
fat boi slim u one funny mutha fucker.
ricky u da bomb man u juss ceep playin hard.
chris yo dat screw driver was good man.
freddy we need to kick it more.
grant man us a FFFRREEAk.
Tom we gonna woop cristians ass man.
gary u stupid but ya kool.
darel you kool man. even though u hang wit cris.


Mi Girls
Ash im gald were still friends i will always be there for ya.
brit ur a kool friend and fun to hang wit
more ur funn to hang wit to plus agood friend
jamie ur tru friend stay that way. yo we need to meat sometyme sound mad fun.
kesha im gald ur mi friend ur always there for me.
jessica im gald we friends. but also think u can do better then chris.

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thats me.

me juss chillin.

Special Announcements
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if ne of u wanna be on mi site holla at me with a reason y. or if ur my friend send a pick and i will put ya on. mi email is

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