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Gangsta paradice


Crip slang terms | signs and graffity
Crip slang terms

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Slobs- disrespecting term for bloods
Bo- marijuanna
Cuz- crip
Hood= neighborhood
rag- gang handkerchief
rooster- Blood, Piru
Ru- same as rooster
Set- indiviual gang
187- Californa penal code for murder
BK- Blood Killer
k in graffite- usaully means to kill someone or killer
BGD- Black Gangster Disciple
GD- Gangsta Disciple
Pitch forks- Folk, folk nation
Upsidedown Pitchforks- disrespecting Folks
Six point Star (star of David)- Folk Nation
Five point star- people nation
a cane- people nation
upsidedown cane- disrespecting people nation
Xing thru a rivals Graffiti- disrespecting them
A gun= threating to kill someone
8 ball= cocaine

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