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sitting N thinking,
sipping N drinking 
agua N wondering
wut is becoming 
the skies are thundering , 
a storm is coming,
 and all of a  sudden 
I'm back in the garden ,
the garden of eden 
eating N drinking
smoking n toking
joking and loafing

ima pop a cap in his ass
ima fill his head with led
it'll only take 2 seconds
before cris is dead
he made the mistake
to fuck with me
now he's lookin for me
in the streets
so he dont get his
head banged agianst the concreet
im bust out his teeth
and my nabors arent
mutherfuckin snitches
ima tack christian for his riches.

with mad sh_t on my mind
i just write rhymes all the time
fight crime wit the right lines N recognize the bright minds

maybe every body 
should move their body,
 and have a
realistically logistically N common sensically
i think it would improve a whole lot  
soothe a lot  
see because
if we were all hangin out chillin with each other 
realizin the possiblities of our many brothers
therd be more concentration on the information that's lately waking,
and shaking
and maybe we'd work together,
do some cool sh_t 
cars with new fuels N sh_t
casas indepedently electric 
giving a bit back to the grid 
 gettin an extra check fer the sh_t

its the next sh_t
it's the best sh_t 

 lets test the sh_t like right express quick and express sh_t
like we were depressed dicks trying to impress chicks

rescue opressed N repressed cliques that'll clickity clack
like a freight train in a straight line 
stayin on the same main track
  with some blessd gifts on course of course 
keep coming back 

for fit this game
before someone takes u out the frame
put ya name to shame
cuva up ya face u cant run this race
the pace is to fast u juss wont last 

opening for testing

investing, hoping for the best thing

they say it's the next thing

 ahm resting while they'r festering

lettin the letters sing a better jingle

meanwhile, investin n payin attention

 to the weather signal

seein blips n clips of ships 

oh dip 

hold it 

take a few more sips a this sh*t 

       iz that good tea n me, 
rob ee
a mega-G be
  writin incredibly indelibly
 n legibly
 elligibly intelligibly
deliberately liberally

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